BB-01 Automatic


BB-01 Automatic



This unique, limited edition gem of a timepiece is dedicated to the spirit of Mariachi, the glorious Mexican musical style and group performance featuring horns, stringed instruments, soaring voices, sombreros, and elegant uniforms. More than mere music, Mariachi is a way of life, emphasizing deep spirit, joy, romance, virtuosity, and flair. All are qualities that you personally embody, so this watch reflects your real self, that sense of unbridled celebration you spread wherever you go. Our brown-themed Mariachi wristwatch features a stylized skull, with flowery eyes and a cross on the forehead. The sides of the watch case are adorned with lovely Mariachi decorations, a detailed “touch of class” that will impress your many fans. The crown, perched at 2 o'clock, has a splash of brown, and the calf leather strap is embossed with Mariachi patterns. Finally, this one-of-a-kind timepiece boasts the Swiss standards of watch engineering excellence that will last and last.



 A skull tattoo turned into a Bomberg watch dial…live life to its fullest until Death comes for you!

A maverick spirit? A rebellious creativity, an elegant and bold design, combined with quality you can rely on – this is an automatic Swiss watch with nothing to fear, not even its price, set at only CHF 1595 (€1580 and US$1595) which, admittedly, makes it probably one of the best value for money watches on the market, simultaneously deconstructing the conventional archetypes of the traditional Swiss watch brands. 


 Our ravaging skull dials blow traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking codes out of the water! Following nothing but its own rebellious creativity, skulls have become a real obsession for Bomberg, in a bold expression of that arresting 'Rock' look. Add to this the growing interest in tattoos among the hippest circles, and the result is a series of automatic Swiss watches which successfully combine rock and tattoo culture with style and technical brilliance.






BOMBERG presents
the Gothic BB-01 Automatic Catacomb

A world that strongly inspires tattoo art…


For rock/metal fans and bikers, the CATACOMB limited edition inspired by the underground world of catacombs: a watch to be worn as a cool lifestyle accessory to enhance a look, combining a Gothic spirit with a metaphorical take on life and death.

Negative below, positive above, death underground, life on the surface, the buried hero living in the bowels of the Earth, life slowed down, sleepy but eternal. The labyrinth of the catacombs becomes that of the unconscious, the place where dreams are made. There is no quick way through the labyrinth; only a tangle of meanders, blind alleys and corners. This entire world – often inspired by tattoos – is the inspiration behind the dial design.


A blurring of styles – street and high fashion, counter culture and mainstream, individual and community – this is a unique, stylish watch with a fumé dial, a box sapphire crystal, an intermingling of skulls with luminous, laughing, curious or frightened eyes. The stares match the colour of the watch's indices. Black, bright red, emerald green and deep blue animate the skeletons' expressions. A lava bead bracelet with a bronze coloured skull completes the look.


A maverick spirit? Totally! BOMBERG treads an unbeaten path away from the roots of traditional watchmaking, creating watches for those who dare to be different, cool, creative and confident, drawing on tattoo art from around the world – Latin America, USA, Asia, Europe and, of course Switzerland. The BOMBERG watch – always Swiss Made quality – is first and foremost a cool accessory with a distinctive style.





Dia de los Muertos


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